Chris and Peter Hinze, lesson songs

easy pieces for everyone who wants to play piano, guitar or bass
Hi there, 

I am 49 years old and a freelance musician.
Together with my son (13) I developed a method to write modern beats (lesson songs) in the form of

My students find this system extremely good and learn to play in individual pieces, syncopes, scales
and other things while having a lot of fun. The best thing is to play along with the mp3 playback
so that the feeling for rhythm is trained right away.
Now my son and I thought that we would not want to withhold this from the world.
On this page such beats are regularly uploaded, which you as piano,
Guitar and bass teacher or student can buy and download for a small amount.
We sometimes compose piano pieces.



Latest Sheet Music

Lesson song 1
Hip hop
Tritüde, Op.164
Classical / Etude